How PayCoupons works

1. Offer coupons

You offer coupons.

Describe what your business offers. Other businesses can order coupons from your business.

2. Order coupons

You order coupons.

Order coupons from businesses who offer what you need.

3. Automatic transfer

500€ 500€

500 Euro coupon issued.

500 Euro coupon received.

Coupons are exchanged in several automatic transactions.

You can order coupons from any business that uses PayCoupons. A direct exchange is not required. PayCoupons finds economic loops and automatically transfers ordered coupons. In every transaction you get as much as you give. That's why you do not need money.

The Benefits

Support the local economy

You exchange coupons with businesses in your city.

Save money

Buy with coupons what your business needs.

Get new customers

Coupons allow more businesses to buy from you.

Increase sales

PayCoupons resolves blocked economic loops.


Currently, PayCoupons is an invitation-only platform for users in Germany (focusing on Berlin) and Nepal (focusing on Kathmandu). We will expand to other cities and countries later.

For now, if you live in Berlin or Kathmandu (or are interested to inspect our platform), this is how you can join:

  1. Ask an existing PayCoupons user to invite you, using the "Invite businesses" menu item in their user menu. You will receive an invite link with an e-mail. (If you don't know any existing PayCoupons user, write to us why you want to join.)
  2. Visit the invite link and click on the "Start Now" button to start the signup process.
  3. Fill in the signup form and click "Create Account".
  4. You will get an e-mail with a link to click. This is to be sure that submitted e-mail addresses are not just invented by spammers. (*)
  5. Again on the PayCoupons homepage, follow the top-right “Log In" link and enter your new account's e-mail address and password.

You can now fully use your account. The site will ask you for additional information when needed. There are no fees for having an account, but a 7% fee (excl. VAT) when you issue coupons.

The reason why we have an invitation-only system right now is because our system for economic exchange needs dense networks of users: few users with many connections are much better than many users with few connections.

* Note: If clicking the e-mail confirmation link does not work for you, just copy & paste it into the address bar of your browser and hit return, like you would enter any other website address.

PayCoupons is a platform that lets you issue and exchange digital coupons for products or services, instead of using money. The PayCoupons platform ensures that in every exchange of coupons, the value of coupons you give and receive is exactly the same. This is how you don't need money to get coupons.

Now think of everything you can do just because PayCoupons lets you access the expertise of others without money! For example:

  • Invest excess worktime for business development. If you are an established freelancer and your business experiences a slow time, you can exchange your excess working hours on PayCoupons for services that you need to develop your business further. Things like a website redesign, web marketing, an IT infrastructure cleanup, and so on.
  • Outsource tasks in the startup phase. If you just start to run a company, you often do not have the budget to outsource tasks to more specialized people. With PayCoupons, you can do just that, rather than trying to do everything yourself.

There are many more ways in which PayCoupons can help you with your business and with creating your own job – we do not know all of them either yet!

Also: we regularly post in-depth articles about the usage potential and economic theory of PayCoupons on our blog.

The usage fee is 7% (excl. VAT) of the value of coupons that your company issues via PayCoupons.

You pay 75% of the fees with coupons of PayCoupons GmbH and 25% with money by credit card.

There are no fees for anything else when using the PayCoupons platform.

A coupon exchange is an automated event on the PayCoupons platform that exchanges coupons a user wants to give away for coupons a user wants to have.

You can see details about all coupon exchanges in which you participated under the "Activities" menu item.

After you ordered coupons, sit back and wait for PayCoupons to find a coupon exchange for you. The more different coupons you order, the shorter you will have to wait until PayCoupons can find something for you.

Once PayCoupons has found a fitting coupon exchange, it will be executed automatically and you will get notified by e-mail about this. You can then review the new exchange by navigating to the “Activities” menu item (after login).

It is possible (and usual) that PayCoupons transacts your orders in several parts, so with the first exchange you might get a partial amount of your ordered coupons.