How it works

PayCoupons allows your business to use coupons instead of money. Here's how it works.

1. Offer coupons

Your business offers coupons.

Describe what your business offers. Other businesses can order coupons from you.

2. Order coupons

You order a 500 Euro coupon.

Order coupons from businesses who offer what you need.

3. Automatic transfer

500€ 500€

500 Euro coupon issued.

500 Euro coupon received.

Coupons are exchanged in several automatic transactions.

You can order coupons from any business that uses PayCoupons. A direct exchange is not required. PayCoupons finds economic cycles and automatically transfers ordered coupons. In every transaction you get as much as you give. That's why you do not need money.

The Benefits

Sell more

No money is needed on PayCoupons. This makes it easier, to sell more and acquire new customers.

Pay online

Pay for products and services with coupons.

Save money

Use coupons instead of money to buy what your business needs.

Low fees

We charge 2% when you issue coupons.

Award-winning innovation

PayCoupons is funded by the European Union via the European Social Innovation Award - for the potential to create new jobs.