Crisis to Opportunity: Become a PayCoupons Community Builder to rescue your local economy

It has become clear that the coronavirus pandemic will also result in a major economic recession. Right now, nobody knows how severe or long that will last. For small businesses that had to close shop, the economic crisis is severe already as many had to give up or are close to that. Like everyone else, we are asking ourselves how we can help out and prevent local businesses everywhere from going bankrupt. Here is what we came up with – and if you like your local economy and are a natural community builder, this could well be a long-term (and profitable!) job for yourself.

Starting right now, PayCoupons GmbH is looking for hundreds of local community builders, for work on a commission basis.

What's in it for you?

Rescue your local economy! We believe that many of you are motivated by using PayCoupons as the new tool to tackle the crisis you see in your local economy. See below how PayCoupons can be the right tool for this job. And hopefully, you will get the recognition by your fellow citizens when tens or hundreds of local businesses in your area do not have to close down due to the pandemic!

Earn 30% of our fees – in money. You work, so you should be paid! For every user you add to your community, you will receive commissions of 30% of the fees that the user pays for using the PayCoupons platform, up to an all-time total of 1000 EUR per user. This arrangement has no expiration date – even if you stop working with us at some time, you still receive the commissions for the users you brought in. Note that the PayCoupons fees are 5% of the value of issued coupons, which means you get paid 5% × 30% = 1.5% of the value of all coupons that "your" users issue on the PayCoupons platform. We will pay this to you fully in money; only if you also issue coupons and we have some, we may use them.

How can PayCoupons rescue the local economy from the pandemic?

PayCoupons is a platform where businesses can issue coupons, get referrals of new customers (in exchange for coupons) and where everyone can exchange these business coupons for other business coupons that they can utilize better. A coupon, of course, is just that: a token of value that entitles you to buy a product or service from a business. Coupons are a well-known concept in commerce and legal in almost all jurisdictions, and still they basically allow a business to create something that works a bit like a little own currency. And when we allow businesses to "print their own money", what happens? We solve their liquidity issues – including the big one that their business had to close or might be slow because of coronavirus and the economic depression that follows it!

If that is still somewhat vague in your head, just remember: PayCoupons is just a coupons platform. It is simple to understand because there is no fancy tech inside PayCoupons – no blockchain, no smart contracts, nothing. The only magic that PayCoupons does is that we developed a clever, automatic and comfortable way to how people can exchange coupons they have (including their own) one-for-one for coupons they want. That's also simple, right? But this part is also exactly what makes PayCoupons work so much better than alternative solutions: now that we have a way to convert different types of coupons, they become nearly as useful as money, which solves the problem for those not having money during an economic crisis. Coupon exchange is also what makes PayCoupons a better tool than the multitude of complementary currencies, because a currency is "a coupon accepted by everyone" and that comes with trust issues preventing the uptake of these currencies. And finally, PayCoupons works better than blockchain currencies in an economic crisis – because by issuing coupons, businesses can create the liquidity they need in a crisis, while blockchain currencies do not allow that and rather act like "digital gold".

If you're still not persuaded of the potential of PayCoupons to rescue an economy in crisis, here's one last way how we can explain it to you – usually we don't use this explanation because it lets you see our secret sauce … but it's a crisis now, so who cares. Here we go: when PayCoupons gives you coupons that you want in exchange for other coupons that you have (own or others'), imagine what that means on the level of all users involved in such an exchange. It's a circular economic transaction, found by a computer and executed in an instant! Such transactions unblock a gridlocked economy, get it going again. A gridlocked economy is the malfunction we have in an economic crisis where everyone withholds spending "to save money", and earns nothing because everyone else is also withholding their spending. PayCoupons lets you say: Ok, I would spend if I would earn the same amount at the same time with my own business. And then the PayCoupons algorithm makes that happen. Magic, huh? :-)

That of course requires a group of businesses large and dense enough for such circular transactions to be possible. So what can PayCoupons do for a business at the start, when the platform is largely empty and the motivation is not (yet) to join a flourishing coupon economy? For that, PayCoupons provides a referral system: customers can refer others as customers to a business, and in return get coupons of that business. This is great for the current situation where many businesses have to pivot and correspondingly need new customers for their new line of business. Aa community builder, it should be quite simple to show the advantage of this system: a program to earn new customers that does not cost the business real money in rewards – "just" coupons. To our knowledge, PayCoupons is the only coupon based referral system worldwide.

How do you join as a community builder?

  1. See if you are eligible. We are looking for hundreds of community builders worldwide right now, and are able to quickly launch PayCoupons in any country by configuring the currency and translating the user interface. If you love the concept, have some time at your hands (4+ hours a week) and think you know how to find users for PayCoupons in your area, you're eligible. (Oh and, you would need to be either self-employed or open to become self-employed when it becomes clear that you want to continue. You need that status to legally receive our payments for your contributions to the growth of PayCoupons.)

  2. Write us! If you're interested to work with us as a community builder, write us an informal message to and we'll get back to you immediately.

  3. We make a contract. We'll sign a small contract with you that puts into writing what this page says.

  4. We make you community builder. You create a user account on the PayCoupons web platform, we assign you a geographic area with approx. 150 000 - 250 000 people around your home location. That could be your city, a district of your city, or a rural area aligned with some administrative division. We then give your user account the community builder role for this area – basically special admin functions that assist you with doing your job, including a small CRM and task management system. From that moment on, and at least for six full months, this is exclusively your area and you are the only community builder in it. You got a full local economy to build now – because coupon exchanges happen between users of your area, not between users of different areas.

  5. Start building a local user community. As states above, you get 30% of the user fees for every user you bring in. It will be your task to figure out how to do that best and how to promote and use the PayCoupons platform most effectively in your local area, and you have free hand to do so. You are the local in your area, so you will know best!

  6. We support your work with our platform. On our side, we will operate the PayCoupons platform, teach you how it works and how to use it to full potential, and be there for you in every way in order to make your work of rescuing your local economy effective and profitable.

  7. Receive your commissions monthly. We have an automated system that calculates at the end of each calendar month what commissions you are due for the coupons issued by "your" user, and we will transfer this amount to your bank account automatically.

  8. After six months, let's talk. After six months, we evaluate together if and how we want to continue working together. Only in case of gross negligence or misrepresentation, we would be forced to not renew our contract. (You will still earn monthly commissions from the work you did even after your contract ends.) In all other cases, you are welcome to continue working with us. If it turns out that your area is too much work for you alone and we have good applicants, we may add more community builders to your area, while making sure you have more than enough opportunity to earn your commissions.

Together, we can become a global movement and fix this economic nightmare!

Some background about PayCoupons

PayCoupons is a platform that we (Daniel Ansorg and Matthias Ansorg) invented during the Great Recession in 2012 as a tool that can fix gridlocked economies and mass unemployment without needing any stimulus money from government. With this idea, we won the European Social Innovation Competition in 2013. Then, it took us much longer than planned to complete the platform (we're perfectionists …), but fortunately, it is ready just now, in time for the next economic crisis. We are a small business ourselves and this software is our only asset. We certainly don't have the money to employ hundreds of community builders right now, and also not the time to find investors – so we have this idea that working with all of you on a commission basis while sharing our revenues generously is the best we can do right now to fix this economic crisis together.

(Picture attribution: adapted from Greengrocer in Municipal Market of São Paulo city by Wilfredor, licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0 Intl.)

Matthias Ansorg
Matthias Ansorg
Co-founder PayCoupons GmbH and Edgeryders OÜ. Autarkist, self-supply hacker, alternative economy enthusiast, general oddball. A digital nomad currently quarantined in central Germany, otherwise usually living the #trucklife in a 1978 ex-firefighter truck. Likes to hand out free ideas – just ask :P
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