Get more customers

Empower your customers to easily recommend your business to others. Reward them with coupons from your business.

Setup your referral program

Choose the coupon you want to offer in exchange for a new customer and the coupon a referrer can send to a potential customer as an incentive.

Recruit participants

Invite your fans and customers to participate in your referral program by sharing the link to your company's profile page on PayCoupons.
Participants recommend your business by sending your company's coupons to potential customers.

Send rewards

You get new customers and reward participants for successful referrals with coupons from your business.
Your customer acquisition cost won't exceed a specific percentage of the customer's turnover. You also don't pay for marketing that doesn't lead to paying customers.

Save money

Exchange coupons with other members from your city. Pay with coupons for what your business needs and improve your cash flow.

1. Offer coupons

Describe what your business offers. Other members can order coupons from your business.

2. Order coupons

Order coupons from businesses who offer what you need.
500€ 500€

3. Automatic transfer

Coupons are exchanged in several automatic transactions.

You can order coupons from any business that uses PayCoupons. A direct exchange is not required. PayCoupons finds economic loops and automatically transfers ordered coupons. In every transaction you get as much as you give. That's why you do not need money.


The usage fee is 5% (excl. VAT) of the value of coupons that your company issues on the PayCoupons platform.

There are no fees for anything else when using the PayCoupons platform.

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