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PayCoupons is a platform that lets you issue and exchange digital coupons for products or services without money. The PayCoupons platform ensures that in every exchange of coupons, the value of given and received coupons is exactly the same. This way, you can obtain coupons without money.

Now think of everything you can do just because PayCoupons lets you access the expertise of others without money! For example:

  • Invest excess worktime for business development. If you are an established freelancer and your business experiences a slow time, you can exchange your excess working hours on PayCoupons for services that you need to developing your business further. Things like a website redesign, web marketing, an IT infrastructure cleanup etc..
  • Outsource tasks in the startup phase. If you just start to run a company, you often do not have the budget to outsource tasks to more specialized people. With PayCoupons, you can do just that, rather than trying to do everything yourself.

There are many more ways in which PayCoupons can help you with your business and with creating your own job – we do not know all of them either yet! So let's discover the potential of PayCoupons together – welcome to the journey :-)

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Coupon Exchange

A coupon exchange is an automated event on the PayCoupons platform that exchanges coupons a user wants to give away for coupons a user wants to have.

You can see details about all coupon exchanges in which you participated under the "Activities" menu item.

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It is not possible to reverse a coupon exchange. A coupon exchange is a "payment for ordered coupons with your own coupons". To reverse it would mean to also reverse the coupon exchange of all users whose transactions are connected to your coupon exchange by trading with them them directly or indirectly. That can be tens of people, all of whom happy that they got an exchange.

You can however adapt and cancel your coupon orders at any time before they become part of a coupon exchange.You can also cancel the parts of your coupons order that have not yet become part of a coupon exchange. So simply make sure to cancel all unwanted coupon orders before the next coupon exchange happens.

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The short version: order all the coupons you have a use for, also order coupons you know you will be able to use in the future, and market your own coupons in order to make more people order them.

For example, you could offer your coupons to existing business contacts of whom you know they would welcome purchasing them without money. You can use the form accessible at "Invite Contacts" in the menu to invite your business contacts comfortably and fast.

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Because there is one more condition for becoming part of a coupon exchange that is beyond your control: you have to be part of at least one "order loop". Say you order from a user A, who orders from B, who orders from C and so on … then an order loop is if finally somebody in that chain orders from you.

If no order loop is found for you in one coupon exchange, the next might have one for you because people's orders change all the time. Also, if order loops conflict, the PayCoupons algorithm will prioritize yours if you are already waiting longer than others. But you also notice how there cannot be guarantees about when your order will come through – which is why we advise you to not use PayCoupons for urgent purchases.

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Coupons issued by natural persons (both individuals and sole entrepreneur businesses) do not expire, with the exception of personal insolvency cases. Coupons issued by legal entities are valid until the legal entity is dissolved.

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The usage fee is 7% (excl. VAT) of the value of coupons that your company issues via PayCoupons. You can pay your fees with coupons. This way, you can use PayCoupons without using money at all.

In addition, we offer you the option to pay your fees with money instead of with coupons. In this case, we grant you a discount of 60% on the fees you incurred.

There are no fees for anything else when using the PayCoupons platform.

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PayCoupons is a VAT exempt service provider in Germany. As per regulations of the European Union and Germany, this means:

  • No VAT is charged to customers in Germany.
  • For other customers in the European Union, the usual reverse charge procedure for service sales applies: our invoices do not contain VAT but customers have to pay their national VAT for the service received, and can usually claim it back via VAT pre-tax deduction.
  • For international customers outside the European Union, no VAT is charged.
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Yes. PayCoupons uses a third party payment provider, Stripe, to handle all credit card information and payments. Stripe is a PCI-approved payment provider, which means that your credit card information is as safe as can be.

All credit card data is sent directly to Stripe over HTTPS which means the data is encrypted, and that PayCoupons never actually sees your credit card number.

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Just use the “Contact Us” link in the PayCoupons website's footer to send a message with your question to the team.

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