Getting Started

PayCoupons is a platform that lets you issue and exchange digital coupons for products or services without money. The PayCoupons platform ensures that in every exchange of coupons, the value of given and received coupons is exactly the same. This way, you can obtain coupons without money.

Now think of everything you can do just because PayCoupons lets you access the expertise of others without money! For example:

  • Invest excess worktime for business development. If you are an established freelancer and your business experiences a slow time, you can exchange your excess working hours on PayCoupons for services that you need to developing your business further. Things like a website redesign, web marketing, an IT infrastructure cleanup etc..
  • Outsource tasks in the startup phase. If you just start to run a company, you often do not have the budget to outsource tasks to more specialized people. With PayCoupons, you can do just that, rather than trying to do everything yourself.

There are many more ways in which PayCoupons can help you with your business and with creating your own job – we do not know all of them either yet! So let's discover the potential of PayCoupons together – welcome to the journey :-)

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To join PayCoupons, create an account – it's free:

  1. On the PayCoupons homepage, fill in the little form and click "Create Account".
  2. You will get an e-mail with a link to click. This is to be sure that submitted e-mail addresses are not just invented by spammers. (*)
  3. Again on the PayCoupons homepage, follow the top-right “Log In" link and enter your new account's e-mail address and password.

You can now fully use your account. The site will ask you for additional information when needed. There are no fees for having an account, but a 10% fee (excl. VAT) when you issue coupons.

* Note: If clicking the e-mail confirmation link does not work for you, just copy & paste it into the address bar of your browser and hit return, like you would enter any other website address.

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Coupon Exchange

A coupon exchange is an automated event on the PayCoupons platform that exchanges coupons a user wants to give away for coupons a user wants to have.

You can see details about all coupon exchanges in which you participated under the "Activities" menu item.

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It is not possible to reverse a coupon exchange. A coupon exchange is a "payment for ordered coupons with your own coupons". To reverse it would mean to also reverse the coupon exchange of all users whose transactions are connected to your coupon exchange by trading with them them directly or indirectly. That can be tens of people, all of whom happy that they got an exchange.

You can however adapt and cancel your coupon orders at any time before they become part of a coupon exchange.You can also cancel the parts of your coupons order that have not yet become part of a coupon exchange. So simply make sure to cancel all unwanted coupon orders before the next coupon exchange happens.

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The short version: order all the coupons you have a use for, also order coupons you know you will be able to use in the future, and market your own coupons in order to make more people order them.

For example, you could offer your coupons to existing business contacts of whom you know they would welcome purchasing them without money. You can use the form accessible at "Invite Contacts" in the menu to invite your business contacts comfortably and fast.

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Because there is one more condition for becoming part of a coupon exchange that is beyond your control: you have to be part of at least one "order loop". Say you order from a user A, who orders from B, who orders from C and so on … then an order loop is if finally somebody in that chain orders from you.

If no order loop is found for you in one coupon exchange, the next might have one for you because people's orders change all the time. Also, if order loops conflict, the PayCoupons algorithm will prioritize yours if you are already waiting longer than others. But you also notice how there cannot be guarantees about when your order will come through – which is why we advise you to not use PayCoupons for urgent purchases.

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After you ordered coupons, sit back and wait for PayCoupons to find a coupon exchange for you. The more different coupons you order, the shorter you will have to wait until PayCoupons can find something for you.

Once PayCoupons has found a fitting coupon exchange, it will be executed automatically and you will get notified by e-mail about this. You can then review the new exchange by navigating to the “Activities” menu item (after login).

It is possible (and usual) that PayCoupons transacts your orders in several parts, so with the first exchange you might get a partial amount of your ordered coupons.

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  1. Sign up or log in.

  2. Click on the Logo and choose a business you want to order coupons from.

  3. Click the "Order coupon" button, enter the value of the coupon you want to order, and click "Order coupon". Optionally, under "Require minimum transfer" you can also require the minimum value you will receive in the first exchange that fulfills a part of your order. This is useful to make sure you have a use for these coupons even if it takes a long time between the first and subsequent transactions.

  4. Make sure you also issue coupons. On PayCoupons, you can only get the coupons you want when when other users order the coupons you issue.

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Account Settings

No. You can also pay your usage fees with money. However note that you are offered a 20% discount when using PCT tokens instead.

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Coupons issued by natural persons (both individuals and sole entrepreneur businesses) do not expire, with the exception of personal insolvency cases. Coupons issued by legal entities are valid until the legal entity is dissolved.

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The usage fee is 10% (excl. VAT) of the value of coupons that your company issues via PayCoupons. You can pay your fees with money or PayCoupons Tokens (PCT). This way, you can use PayCoupons without using money at all.

If you pay your fees with PayCoupons Tokens (PCT), we grant you a discount of 20% on the fees you incurred.

There are no fees for anything else when using the PayCoupons platform.

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Please abide by the following simple rules:

  1. Do not offer coupons for products or services that are illegal to sell or perform.
  2. Don't do anything that exploits the ignorance or benevolence of buyers or is generally considered “spam”.
  3. PayCoupons does not tolerate texts that are derogatory of any person or groups.
The PayCoupons team reserves the right to lock accounts that do not follow these rules. In such a case, you will get notified and can fix this.
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Yes. PayCoupons stores all closed purchase and sales contracts in its database. This applies both to contracts between a user and PayCoupons as a platform provider, and to the contracts between users about the purchase and sale of coupons, as facilitated by the PayCoupons platform.

Note that contracts between users are prepared by making offers and orders, but finalized (made irrevocable) only by so-called coupon exchanges that happen automatically on the PayCoupons platform.

You can get an overview of the exchanges you have become part of by looking for "Coupons exchanged" items in the "Activity" menu item of your account. You also get a confirmation e-mail whenever a new exchange is made.

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PayCoupons is a VAT exempt service provider in Germany. As per regulations of the European Union and Germany, this means:

  • No VAT is charged to customers in Germany.
  • For other customers in the European Union, the usual reverse charge procedure for service sales applies: our invoices do not contain VAT but customers have to pay their national VAT for the service received, and can usually claim it back via VAT pre-tax deduction.
  • For international customers outside the European Union, no VAT is charged.
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If you decide to pay your PayCoupons usage fees with money, your credit card will be charged at the beginning of the next month for the fees incurred in the current month.

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Yes. PayCoupons uses a third party payment provider, Stripe, to handle all credit card information and payments. Stripe is a PCI-approved payment provider, which means that your credit card information is as safe as can be.

All credit card data is sent directly to Stripe over HTTPS which means the data is encrypted, and that PayCoupons never actually sees your credit card number.

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Just use the “Contact Us” link in the PayCoupons website's footer to send a message with your question to the team.

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Groups are collections of users that make it simpler to find and connect with PayCoupons users you already know from outside of the PayCoupons platform.

It is not a prominent feature. In fact, it is invisible until a group admin adds you to a group. From then on, you can see the other members of your group in the "Businesses" section by using the "Groups" filter dropdown.

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The contract made between a user of PayCoupons and the PayCoupons platform operator is made in English or German. The language can be selected at the bottom-right of any page. No other languages are available at this time.

Likewise, contracts about the purchase of coupons from other PayCoupons users are made in English or German, as facilitated by the platform.

Contracts about products or services when paying with previously purchased coupons are not made on this platform, but directly between users. They may agree on any language for these contracts.

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PayCoupons Tokens (PCT)

PayCoupons Tokens (PCT) are a value token on the Stellar blockchain, created by PayCoupons GmbH as a means of paying fees for using the platform.

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To be able to accept our PCT token, you first have to create a trustline from your account to our token, using the following data:

  • Asset code: PCT
  • Anchor Domain:

Depending on your Stellar wallet, you might have to enter this instead of an anchor domain:

  • Issuer Account ID:

You can do this operation with most of the available Stellar wallets. It is sometimes named differently ("create trust", "accept asset", "trust issuer"). If you can't find it in your favourite wallet, you can follow our instructions below for the StellarTerm web wallet below. (You can use StellarTerm just for this process, then continue with your favorite wallet. Because your tokens and trustlines are not stored in the wallet but in the Stellar blockchain!)

Trusting our PCT token with StellarTerm web wallet

  1. Log in to StellarTerm. Open the StellarTerm web wallet and log in with your Stellar account's secret key – or if necessary, create a new Stellar account.
  2. Make sure you have ≥2 XLM. A balance of at least 2 XLM (Stellar Lumens, ca. 0.50 EUR / 0.57 USD) on your Stellar account is the minimum balance required to make the Stellar blockchain hold PCT tokens. It will not be used up, but is technically required for an account to receive and hold PCT tokens. It consists of 1 XLM minimum balance to have an active account, 0.5 XLM to be able to create one trustline (to PCT), and 0.5 XLM as "reserve" to pay transaction fees, which are only 0.00001 XLM each.
  3. If necessary, get more XLM. If your account has less than 2 XLM in balance, you should send some more to your account address. You can buy Stellar Lumens (XLM) from multiple exchanges, in exchange for either cryptocurrencies or state-issued currencies.
  4. Accept the PCT asset.
    1. In the StellarTerm main menu, go to "Accept Assets" and scroll down a bit to "Accept asset via anchor domain".
    2. Enter into field "Anchor Domain":
    3. A single asset should appear as a proposal:

    4. Click the "Accept PCT" button to the right of the proposal.

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Both steps are required in order to send you the PCT tokens you can claim in our airdrop campaign:

  • Your Stellar account ID is the target address where we will send the PCT tokens to. Its function is similar to a bank account number: when we know it we can send tokens to your account, but of course we cannot take tokens from it. For that, the private key is necessary. Be sure to not confuse the two! Your account's private key is has to be kept private, while your account ID (also called the public key) is ok to be publish.
  • A Stellar trustline from your account to our PCT token is an expression that you allow your account to hold our PCT tokens. Before you allow it, we cannot send you PCT. From the Stellar developer guide: "When you hold an asset, you must trust the issuer to properly redeem its credit. Since users of Stellar will not want to trust just any issuer, accounts must explicitly trust an issuing account before they’re able to hold the issuer’s credit. […] To trust an issuing account, you create a trustline."
      Creating or deleting a trustline does not cost you anything, but while you have a trustline the minimum balance required on your account is 0.5 XLM.
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Go to the "PCT Token Distribution" section of this page, click on "Lumen Holders Airdrop" and follow the instructions. The system will automatically tell you the amount of PCT you can receive.

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After you took part in our airdrop campaign for Stellar Lumen Holders, you will see a notice displayed after going through all the steps:

"GET EVEN MORE: Let others know about the Airdrop! You get 5 PCT tokens for everyone who claims their airdrop tokens upon visiting your link. The tokens are automatically send to your Stellar account once a day!"

And your personal referral link that looks similar to this:

So this is how it works: share your referral link with other Stellar Lumen holders who are eligible for PCT tokens in our Stellar Lumen airdrop campaign. For Stellar account which gets PCT tokens airdropped after visiting with your referral link, you get 5 PCT tokens sent to your Stellar account as well.


  1. You can only get a referral link if you participated in our airdrop to Stellar Lumen holders. Since this is our only current airdrop campaign, your referral link effectively is an invitation to participate in this campaign – so please hand it out sparingly to Stellar Lumen holders that you know. Publishing it far and wide to everyone could be considered spam, as most people do not hold Stellar Lumens yet. (We will have a full "Partner Program" airdrop soon, at which point it makes sense that you publish this referral link broadly, allowing you to earn much more in referrals. However, not yet. Have some patience and check back soon!)
  2. If you took part in our airdrop to Stellar Lumen holders before the referral program was ready, you can just go back to the airdrop campaign page and enter your Stellar Account ID again: the system will detect that you went through the airdrop already but also display your personal referral link. You can do the same if you forgot your referral link.
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10 million (10,000,000) PayCoupons Tokens (PCT), equating to 20% of total supply, are eligible for distribution to Stellar Lumen (XLM) holders in an airdrop event. The airdrop starts on June 15, 2018 and ends October 15, 2018 at 24:00 UTC.

We took a snapshot of the Stellar blockchain on June 13, 2018 at 16:00 UTC. The snapshot contains the Stellar Lumen (XLM) balances of all Stellar accounts at that time. All accounts with a minimum balance of 5 XLM are eligible to receive PCT in the airdrop. The payout is determined as follows:

  1. An eligible account is eligible to receive a base payout of 5 PCT.
  2. In addition to that, the account is eligible to receive a payout of 0.010794855733408819… PCT per XLM. Up to 50,000 XLM per account are considered.

These numbers are chosen so that exactly 10 million PCT are distributed if every Stellar account holder claims their eligible PCT payout.

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See page "PayCoupons – Terms and Conditions". This contains all terms and conditions, including the last four main points which deal specifically with obtaining and using the PayCoupons Token (PCT).

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No. The full amount of 50 million PCT have been minted already, and it is not possible to create more. You can make sure this is the case by confirming that no signer is left in the issuing account.

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To promote the use of PayCoupons – Handouts of "free money" are sure to attract attention (though not, PCT is not money in legal terms). Interested recipients will also learn about the PayCoupons system and start using it for their business.

To create value for the PCT token – The PCT token can only be useful to pay the platform fees and to cover business expenses of the PayCoupons GmbH if it has value. To have value, there has to be demand, and to be in demand, the token has to attract attention.

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We are currently running:

  • A referral program for the general public. This campaign has a budget of 10 million PCT (20% of the total supply).
  • An airdrop to eligible Stellar Lumen (XLM) holders. This campaign also has a budget of 10 million PCT (20% of the total supply).

You can participate in all of these campaigns above.

Last updated: 2018-07-17

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PCT is a new token that is currently being introduced by our airdrop campaigns as a free gift, so it does not have a reliable market price yet. However, they are already accepted by the PayCoupons platform at a value of 1 PCT = 1 EUR to pay platform fees. (This is their minimum value – the platform will always accept PCT at its market price, but at a minimum for a price of 1 EUR per PCT.)

You can obtain PCT via the Stellar Distributed Exchange, in exchange for Stellar Lumen (XLM). You can obtain Stellar Lumen on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Due to regulatory restrictions, this program is closed to: Residents of the USA, China, Japan, South Korea, Canada, and New Zealand.
These restrictions are subject to change to account for changes in regulatory posture.

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