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How can I pay my PayCoupons usage fees?

You can pay us with our coupons, with money or with PCT. If you pay with money or PCT, we grant you a 40% discount on your PayCoupons usage fees.

You can change your payment method in your account settings under "Billing".

When you want to pay us with our coupons, we will automatically let your account order our coupons so you can pay us. These orders often cannot be executed immediately, so you will see an outstanding amount called "current usage". This does not impede your further use of PayCoupons.

When you pay us with money, you enter your credit card details and we charge your card once monthly according to the invoice for usage fees we send to you.

When you pay us with PCT, you make a manual payment to pay for your accumulated "current usage". No automated payment is possible with PCT because it is a cryptocurrency. For more information about it and how to obtain it, see our other help articles.

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