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Why do I have to enter my Stellar account ID and create a trustline?

Both steps are required to be able to do anything with PCT tokens, including receiving them to your Stellar account:

  • Your Stellar account ID is the target address where we will send the PCT tokens to. Its function is similar to a bank account number: when we know it we can send tokens to your account, but of course we cannot take tokens from it. For that, the private key is necessary. Be sure to not confuse the two! Your account's private key is has to be kept private, while your account ID (also called the public key) is ok to be publish.
  • A Stellar trustline from your account to our PCT token is an expression that you allow your account to hold our PCT tokens. Before you allow it, we cannot send you PCT. From the Stellar developer guide: "When you hold an asset, you must trust the issuer to properly redeem its credit. Since users of Stellar will not want to trust just any issuer, accounts must explicitly trust an issuing account before they’re able to hold the issuer’s credit. […] To trust an issuing account, you create a trustline."
    Creating or deleting a trustline does not cost you anything, but while you have a trustline the minimum balance required on your account is 0.5 XLM.
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