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How can I create a Stellar account?

You need a Stellar account to hold our PCT tokens before you use them for payment of your PayCoupons fees.

There are several ways to create a Stellar account. Here is a comfortable one:

  1. Visit, the website of a well-known Stellar wallet and trading software.
  2. Click "Sign Up" and you'll get to the page to create a new Stellar account.
  3. Click to "Accept the Terms of Use […]" and click "Generate Keypair".
  4. Save your public key and secret key in a safe place. (An password manager that saves the data to your computer is a good method for low to medium amounts.)
  5. Click on "Log in with key", copy & paste your account's secret key and click "Log In". You are now "in" your account.
  6. Before you can use your account for anything, you first have to buy at least 5 XLM ("Stellar Lumens") and transfer them to your account:
    1. Buy XLM from your favorite exchange that trades XLM.
    2. Withdraw the XLM from the exchange to your new Stellar account by entering your Stellar account's public key (also called "Account ID").
  7. To receive our PCT tokens, you have to create a trustline first. Follow our instructions.

Your account is now ready to receive your Referral Program earnings. Just enter its public key in your Referral Dashboard and your earnings will be transferred to it once per day.

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