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How do I spend a coupon for products or services?

Once you took part in a coupon exchange, you have coupons in the coupon wallet in your PayCoupons account.

Coupons are accepted by their issuer for their nominal value in money. So just tell the sales clerk that you want to pay with PayCoupons. Or when ordering from a webshop, select the "PayCoupons" payment option, or if that is not explicitly listed, choose "advance payment". Then, pay with PayCoupons as follows:

  1. In your coupon wallet, find the seller's coupon and click "Use this coupon".

  2. When paying in a shop, enter the amount and click "Send payment now". When paying in a webshop, also supply payment reference information (order ID, customer number or similar) as you would do when paying with a bank transfer.

  3. If you did not have enough coupon balance to pay this seller, you pay the remainder in money now.

  4. The seller will now confirm to have received your payment, by looking into their own PayCoupons account. The sale is now finished. If it is an online sale, the seller will now ship your item.

Since PayCoupons is a new payment method for most of our unsers, please be a bit patient with them and give their staff time to get used to PayCoupons. For example, they might have to ask their manager how to accept PayCoupons payments, or for an online sale you might have to remind them by e-mail to register your advance payment.

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