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Why do I have to order at least three coupons?

When you start using PayCoupons, the "Status" menu item in your account will show a blue notification bullet until you have completed the three tasks listed in there: ordering three coupons from other users.

This feature exists because of the inherent limitations of PayCoupons as a trading network: our automatic coupon exchanges are very likely to happen if every user orders at least 2.5 coupons (on average). If you order fewer than that, it is quite improbable that you can become part of a coupon exchange – which means, PayCoupons would not work for you. The software will still try to integrate you, but the mathematics make it hardly possible that this can work.

When you are part of a coupon exchange, some of your coupon orders are executed, in full or in part. This way, you could drop below three coupon orders. In such a case, the status menu will remind you again to order three or more coupons.

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