Why PayCoupons?

Safe & Secure

Coupon issuers will only accept coupons as payment that were obtained orderly. In this way, security risks are very low.

Easy to Use

No crypto jargon, no new concepts. Everyone knows coupons.

Stable Price

Coupons are speculation protected and inflation resistant.


Companies already use coupons, and coupons are legal.


Q4 2012

The idea

The founders come up with an idea to help solve unemployment after the Great Recession.

Q2 2013


The European Commission provides 20,000 EUR in seed funding via the European Social Innovation Competition.

Q4 2013

Core algorithm

We finish a performant implementation of our core innovation, the network barter algorithm.


Platform development

We develop multiple version of our pay.coupons platform software until it is truly user friendly.

Q4 2017

Formal incorporation

The PayCoupons project incorporates in Berlin, Germany as PayCoupons GmbH.

Q2 2018

PCT fee payments

PCT tokens will be accepted as a payment method on the PayCoupons exchange platform, pay.coupons.


  • Matthias Ansorg

    Matthias Ansorg


    Computer scientist who works as a self-employed IT professional. Matt is interested in all things about alternative economics, including timebanks, complementary currencies, cryptocurrencies and credit-based schemes.

  • Daniel Ansorg

    Daniel Ansorg


    Software developer and entrepreneur. Daniel is passionate about making software as easy and useful as possible.

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