Why PayCoupons?

Safe & Secure

Coupon issuers will only accept coupons as payment that were obtained orderly. In this way, security risks are very low.

Easy to Use

No crypto jargon, no new concepts. Everyone knows coupons.

Stable Price

Coupons are speculation protected and inflation resistant.


Companies already use coupons, and coupons are legal.


Q4 2012

The idea

The founders come up with an idea to help solve unemployment after the Great Recession.

Q2 2013


The European Commission provides 20,000 EUR in seed funding via the European Social Innovation Competition.

Q4 2013

Core algorithm

We finish a performant implementation of our core innovation, the network barter algorithm.


Platform development

We develop multiple version of our pay.coupons platform software until it is truly user friendly.

Q4 2017

Formal incorporation

The PayCoupons project incorporates in Berlin, Germany as PayCoupons GmbH.

Q2 2018

PCT fee payments

PCT tokens will be accepted as a payment method on the PayCoupons exchange platform, pay.coupons.


  • Matthias Ansorg

    Matthias Ansorg


    Computer scientist who works as a self-employed IT professional. Matt is interested in all things about alternative economics, including timebanks, complementary currencies, cryptocurrencies and credit-based schemes.

  • Daniel Ansorg

    Daniel Ansorg


    Software developer and entrepreneur. Daniel is passionate about making software as easy and useful as possible.

PCT Token Distribution

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PayCoupons Tokens (PCT)


The PayCoupons Token (PCT) is one of several payment methods that you can use to pay your PayCoupons usage fees. The other methods are money (using your credit card) and our PayCoupons coupons. The choice is yours.

PayCoupons Tokens (PCT) are a value token on the Stellar blockchain, created by PayCoupons GmbH as a means of paying fees for using the pay.coupons platform.

PCT is a new token created by PayCoupons GmbH as a means of payment for your PayCoupons usage fees. It is the more comfortable choice in countries where no international credit cards are in use.

Currently, the PayCoupons platform accepts PCTs at an exchange rate of 100 PCT = 1 EUR to pay platform fees. Once PCT has a stable market price higher than this, we will switch to using the market price.

You can obtain PCT via the Stellar Distributed Exchange, in exchange for Stellar Lumen (XLM). You can obtain Stellar Lumen on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

You need a Stellar account to hold our PCT tokens before you use them for payment of your PayCoupons fees.

There are several ways to create a Stellar account. Here is a comfortable one:

  1. Visit stellarterm.com, the website of a well-known Stellar wallet and trading software.
  2. Click "Sign Up" and you'll get to the page to create a new Stellar account.
  3. Click to "Accept the Terms of Use […]" and click "Generate Keypair".
  4. Save your public key and secret key in a safe place. (An password manager that saves the data to your computer is a good method for low to medium amounts.)
  5. Click on "Log in with key", copy & paste your account's secret key and click "Log In". You are now "in" your account.
  6. Before you can use your account for anything, you first have to buy at least 5 XLM ("Stellar Lumens") and transfer them to your account:
    1. Buy XLM from your favorite exchange that trades XLM.
    2. Withdraw the XLM from the exchange to your new Stellar account by entering your Stellar account's public key (also called "Account ID").
  7. To receive our PCT tokens, you have to create a trustline first. Follow our instructions.

Your account is now ready to receive your Referral Program earnings. Just enter its public key in your Referral Dashboard and your earnings will be transferred to it once per day.

Both steps are required to be able to do anything with PCT tokens, including receiving them to your Stellar account:

  • Your Stellar account ID is the target address where we will send the PCT tokens to. Its function is similar to a bank account number: when we know it we can send tokens to your account, but of course we cannot take tokens from it. For that, the private key is necessary. Be sure to not confuse the two! Your account's private key is has to be kept private, while your account ID (also called the public key) is ok to be publish.
  • A Stellar trustline from your account to our PCT token is an expression that you allow your account to hold our PCT tokens. Before you allow it, we cannot send you PCT. From the Stellar developer guide: "When you hold an asset, you must trust the issuer to properly redeem its credit. Since users of Stellar will not want to trust just any issuer, accounts must explicitly trust an issuing account before they’re able to hold the issuer’s credit. […] To trust an issuing account, you create a trustline."
    Creating or deleting a trustline does not cost you anything, but while you have a trustline the minimum balance required on your account is 0.5 XLM.

To be able to accept our PCT token, you first have to create a trustline from your account to our token, using the following data:

  • Asset code: PCT
  • Anchor Domain: pay.coupons

Depending on your Stellar wallet, you might have to enter this instead of an anchor domain:

  • Issuer Account ID:

You can do this operation with most of the available Stellar wallets. It is sometimes named differently ("create trust", "accept asset", "trust issuer"). If you can't find it in your favourite wallet, you can follow our instructions below for the StellarTerm web wallet below. (You can use StellarTerm just for this process, then continue with your favorite wallet. Because your tokens and trustlines are not stored in the wallet but in the Stellar blockchain!)

Trusting our PCT token with StellarTerm web wallet

  1. Log in to StellarTerm. Open the StellarTerm web wallet and log in with your Stellar account's secret key – or if necessary, create a new Stellar account.
  2. Make sure you have ≥2 XLM. A balance of at least 2 XLM (Stellar Lumens, ca. 0.50 EUR / 0.57 USD) on your Stellar account is the minimum balance required to make the Stellar blockchain hold PCT tokens. It will not be used up, but is technically required for an account to receive and hold PCT tokens. It consists of 1 XLM minimum balance to have an active account, 0.5 XLM to be able to create one trustline (to PCT), and 0.5 XLM as "reserve" to pay transaction fees, which are only 0.00001 XLM each.
  3. If necessary, get more XLM. If your account has less than 2 XLM in balance, you should send some more to your account address. You can buy Stellar Lumens (XLM) from multiple exchanges, in exchange for either cryptocurrencies or state-issued currencies.
  4. Accept the PCT asset.

    1. In the StellarTerm main menu, go to "Accept Assets" and scroll down a bit to "Accept asset via anchor domain".
    2. Enter into field "Anchor Domain": pay.coupons
    3. A single asset should appear as a proposal:

    4. Click the "Accept PCT" button to the right of the proposal.

See page "PayCoupons – Terms and Conditions". This contains all terms and conditions, including the last four main points which deal specifically with obtaining and using the PayCoupons Token (PCT).

No. The full amount of 50 million PCT have been minted already, and it is not possible to create more. You can make sure this is the case by confirming that no signer is left in the issuing account.

10 million (10,000,000) PayCoupons Tokens (PCT), equating to 20% of total supply, are eligible for distribution to Stellar Lumen (XLM) holders in an airdrop event. The airdrop started on June 15, 2018.

We took a snapshot of the Stellar blockchain on June 13, 2018 at 16:00 UTC. The snapshot contains the Stellar Lumen (XLM) balances of all Stellar accounts at that time. All accounts with a minimum balance of 5 XLM are eligible to receive PCT in the airdrop. The payout is determined as follows:

  1. An eligible account is eligible to receive a base payout of 5 PCT.
  2. In addition to that, the account is eligible to receive a payout of 0.010794855733408819… PCT per XLM. Up to 50,000 XLM per account are considered.

These numbers are chosen so that exactly 10 million PCT are distributed if every Stellar account holder claims their eligible PCT payout.

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